Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Timex Ironman

Luis wants me to use a heart rate monitor and run within zones. A couple of years ago I purchased a Timex Iron man GPS & heart rate watch. I used it once but then kept forgetting to charge it. I found the watch and HR strap but no charger. I ran Thursday but just had to go a mile then walk to check the rate, then back to running. Not the same thing he wanted but it appears difficult to reorder just a charger. I don't want to spend another $180 when I could spend $10. Going to keep looking. I'm supposed to run 30 minutes today as well.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Rock Bottom

I just got back from the gym, running two miles. That was rough, and hopefully it was rock bottom (thanks, Kiss). Granted, I didn't run all out. I planned to try to follow somewhat of a plan I saw online to get back into running. My intention was to run 3 minutes, walk 1.5 minutes, repeat. It ended up taking 24:45. That's better than sitting on the couch, and it's even better than when I started running. If you look on my Athlinks page you will see my first 5K (at least recorded on Athlinks) was January 7, 2006 and 40:36. My next was one year later and 42:58. Despite running nearly every Saturday and Sunday I didn't get below 37:00 until September 2007. So, that's good. I think I could complete a 5K in maybe 34 minutes now, but that is a long way off from February - March 2012 when I ran two at 28:50 and 28:53 respectively. At one time I was running 14 minute miles and my fastest mile was about 8:25-8:30. Pretty good for 6'1 and at my best running weight about 235. Now I am back to 12:30 per mile...but not really that far off from 10:42 I don't think. There was a time a few months ago when I would occasionally run 2 miles at 21:40 or so. With some repeated runs I think I could get back there quickly. Now getting back to below 9 minute miles will take a loss of about 35 pounds and some training from my new coach. Struggling to do 2 miles sure makes 13.1 seem like a long way's hoping I get back at it tomorrow.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Step one

Making the list of runs for 2015 and trying to knock more states off the list. I've completed 20 half marathons over 6 states. The past three years have been declining in performance. Time to get back in shape and re-find motivating. I think it's time for Coach Cova.


I was thinking about starting a blog to document my attempt to get back to running. Downloading the app it pulled up my old blog which I have not use in four years. I have three, apparently. I knew about CDFL Insider, which was the blog for my fantasy football newsletter...but no one ever read it so it feel by the wayside. As did the blog about my doctoral journey...which even I forgot about. And this one which again I forgot about. So instead of starting something new, I can repurpose this one. Maybe I will use it...maybe I won''ll have to tune in and see. If I have any followers that is...I don't believe I do. That would be nice. And if I could get sponsors to help me travel and run in my quest to complete the 50 State Half Marathon challenge that would be nice too 😜

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Not according to plan

Well the trip has taken a definite memorable turn. You hear travel horror stories, but as many trips as I have taken, nothing really ever goes that bad. Once a friend of mine had a bag that didn't show up, but the next day it was at the airport. Today was my first taste of bad.

I checked out of the hotel, took the car back to Thrifty and made it to the airport by noon for my 1:45 flight. Check in was easy, security was a breeze and I found myself at the Harpoon tap room just down from my gate with plenty of time to spare. Even managed to get upgraded to first class, although I chuckled because the flight from Boston to New York is about 35 minutes. So far so good.

We board the plane and there is water waiting in the seat. The stewardess came around and gave a soda and snack. There was a guy on the plane who was ticked he wasn't in first class. He actually had a good seat - one row behind first class, but that was the first row with two seats, so he had no seat in front of him. Lots of leg room. Maybe he wanted the services? But again, it's a half hour flight. He talked to the flight attendant and she said there wasn't anyone in row 1 right now, so he could sit there. 15 minutes from when we were supposed to take off (but were still there), this old couple comes on the plane and takes the seats in row 1, bumping this guy back to his original seat. Now, granted - they shouldn't even be on that flight because it should have already been airborne. Anyway, he was pissed, argued with the flight attendant who was giving it right back. Sitting back in his seat we sit on at the gate for a while with the captain saying JFK has a lot of traffic and we have to wait until 2:15 instead of our original 1:45. Still okay - they add plenty of time to the flight estimation to allow for that. 2:30 we are still there and I start getting worried. The flight to Frankfurt takes off at 5:00 and boarding begins at 4:00. Still time. We taxi down the run way, drive around for a long time. It looks like we are set to go, but then a left turn away from the runway spelled trouble. The Captain came on and said we have to wait 90 minutes to take off and we didn't have enough fuel, so we were headed back to the gate. The new take off time would get us to JFK after out flight to Germany was to take off.

What made it worse is there is a third companion on the trip currently in New York that we were supposed to meet and fly together to Germany - so we had to get her bumped off her flight, book a flight for her from NY to Boston. Needless to say, after 1:33 minutes on the phone, that was worked out, the trip to Germany cancelled and flights back to Phoenix rebooked for Tuesday. Her flight was supposed to arrive at 6:30, but it didn't show up until 8:30.

What about our bags? They were checked and the airline was not pulling them off. They went on to JFK, and I presume didn't make it to Germany because flight tracker showed the JFK flight finally landed at 5:06 and the Germany flight took off at 5:12. Our third companion had a missing bag as well. The baggage folks confirmed her bag was located and would be on the 10:33 we waited and that flight finally showed up around midnight. Our bags were not on there.

So, no Germany, which was my entire point of the trip. No bag, so I have no clothes except what I am wearing. Four days in Boston with no itinerary and we only have this hotel for tonight. Who knows what the rest of the trip will bring? It isn't looking too promising at this point.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Salem, MA

Today was really quiet. I had to do some schoolwork and work on the large final paper that is due this coming Monday. I wanted to get a big chunk of it completed now because I don't really want to do it in Germany, and it is 25% of my grade, so I need to do it.

The only thing I did today was take a break in Salem. No Boston Hot dog for me this time. Instead, I went to Cap't Table and it was not a good experience. Working on a Yelp review for that. Slow service is an understatement. A nice visit to Salem Willows Park on a beautiful day. Definitely warmer than it has been the past couple of days.

Dinner came from the Homewood Suites manager's reception - and the General Manager was very attractive. How you doin'?! Back to school - I did manage to finish the paper, but I do have some cleanup to do on it this week. That's cool. I will have internet in Germany and the cleanup won't take long. Time for bed as I get ready to go to the airport tomorrow for Germany!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Baseball Hall of Fame

Another long road trip today. Leaving Niagara Falls, it was back in the US and an early morning stop at the Batavia Bob Evans. There was a crabby old woman there that was the hostess. She was fine to me, but a Mennonite family game in with 12 people and she was a little moody with them.

Before hitting the road, it was one more drive past the falls to get a good look. At 6 AM there was no one on the road or at the falls - but it was still wet and cold. Since I wasn't going back to Sleepy Hollow, I didn't have to go all the way back down and across CT. Instead, it was Buffalo to Rochester, Syracuse and a stop around Utica where I went down to Cooperstown to the Baseball Hall of Fame. $16.50 to tour the museum and it was enjoyable. Nice selection of equipment, old baseball cards, memorabilia and on top of that, the plaques. I spent about 1.5 hours before leaving. I was so hungry! The Cooperstown Diner was just down the road and I stopped for a bite to eat. The biggest hot dogs and hamburgers I have ever seen and the best milkshake I have had in my life!

Still the drive was long and I was glad to make it to Peabody, MA and check into the Homewood Suites!